Friday, November 12, 2010

cool redux


I've been feeling a bit spooked re: © so I will remove the cropped image of man at C. (with embedded link to source) and replace with description of photo to be found at end of click.
The description style adopted is one we referred to four years ago.


genevieve said...

oh dash, now I want to see him. Must have missed him the first time around. I love the cataloguing style guide though.

boynton said...

Hope there's enough slouch in the shoes to suffice...

the original bold case catalouging style of the museum is the best.

(And I think I meant 'roll-neck' not 'skivvy'. Roll necks are the real time travelers)

Marshall Stacks said...

The Cool place was built by a man who began work c.1864 at a pharmacy in Kyneton (where I have just come from reading that at their library). His wife was the dominant partner and beloved by the man's reclusive partner so that she was the only woman he allowed into his apartments at The Espy to view his etchings (now all famously at the NGV).

Kyneton librarian lucky to have a job, bluntly replied to me that they have no Local History section other than in their office not accessible for Readers. WTF?

The Cool Art info from a wonderful book by Brenda Stevens-Chambers about amazing women pioneers of Kyneton and weirdly titled Friend or foe. Caroline Chisholm (whose portrait in oils is well-hung in the library) features.

boynton said...

WTF indeed.
Meanwhile FOF looks good, and that's an interesting connection.

I read some cool Cool Art history in a great book on Somers I bought in an op shop.