Wednesday, May 05, 2010

not scientific

the age


boynton said...

ps. how I wish I could find the missing link to Leevi's Google Poem generator
today, when the newspaper delivers such found lines, but alas, it seems to have moved...

BwcaBrownie said...

as her dad got stung when playing where The Big Fish Live, Bindi was playing in The Big Kid's Yard by going to the Logies, or indeed, being on TV and having a clothing line and dolls etc. Her savvy Yank Mommy can handle their end of it OK.

ANYbody now, is at risk of dismissal anytime their employer cares to use their Tweets as ammunition.
That is bigger than Bindi.

of course a child's sex*activity should not be public conjecture, but if she ever does, we will all be relieved if it is with her own species.

Willie*Nelson joke:
white woman's child says 'Mommy, why am I black?' and her reply was: "from what I recall of that party, you're lucky you don't bark."

boynton said...

I was just amused by the dumbness exhibited in poll- dumbing down boiled down. I wish the Age Poll would clarify all debate to 2 choices, in the great Blink tradition.

As for CD - snark is snark is snark. I've never been a fan. Not a sacking offence though.

R.H. said...

Any CD fan needs ECT.

boynton said...

I'm not a fan of snark.
I like some of her work.
I think (controversially) the takes on Chaddy and others in the anti-consumerist series were pretty good.
Disliked her sermons.

Definitety haven't enjoyed the anti-CD stuff.
It's a worry when Warney and Hutchy join in the pile-on.