Monday, May 24, 2010

life cats

Thanks to Bwca for sending me a link to Life:

"I thought of your party people banner ..."

" they are the next day"

Halloween Special: Best Black Catsid=

(and once I browsed the cats I duly checked out the canines.)
Celebrities and Big DogsJayne Mansfield Plays Violin for Her Pets
Adam West and Dog Spend a Day on the Beach


Ann ODyne said...

Adam West's 'Bat-Dog' is a bit of a worry.
Before the train loop was dug, the Jolimont yards used to have a very small weatherboard shed between the tracks, which had 'Bat Hut' painted on it in about 1967. God bless the wit who gave me a smirk every time I trained past.
I saw a sleeping bat in Bendigo a few posts back at AOD ... To The Ba- Blog Robin!.

boynton said...

If there had been a Bat Hut between the tracks near Spencer Street it may have lured the ghost of JB down from Batman's Hill?
The Adam West gallery may deserve another post...

genevieve said...

I have a fridge magnet with some Bat noises on it that keeps falling off. But I would love to see a post on the Adam West gallery.
Feel sorry for Ms Mansfield's dog - unless we know for sure what kind of violinist she was.

*fleninto isn't that pretty!

boynton said...

I was just finishing post on West, but got distracted by gum trees...

Yes, I agree about the violin.
And *f... sounds like a violinist who made it big in golden-days Hollywood

genevieve said...

ooh yes, it does indeed.