Thursday, November 26, 2009

your block

Road Rage 1964


BwcaBrownie said...

oh gosh - now I have to know about 'doing your block' as in "don't do your block" - maybe a reference to engine-block cracking under pressure?

good t'see youse Boynton

boynton said...

Cheers Brownie.

It's a phrase that oughta be maintained/revived.
I wonder when doing your block became losing your cool...

Marshall-Stacks said...

'losing your cool' definitely Sixties.

cool in the face of the narcs, must not be lost.

oh! reminds me - and this will amuse those who know all of the me's - I also have an a.k.a at the Sydney CIB. those were the days my friend.

boynton said...

An aka at the CIB.
= Cool.

Apparently cool goes back to Beowulf.

BwcaBrownie said...

Thanks for WorldWideWords, now bookmarked into my Filing Cabinet folder.
I don't know what Stacks was thinking when she logged 'cool' as Sixties, as she certainly knows about Mingus before then.
losing cool
hot under collar
a tepid reception
chill out
making my blood boil ... it's all global warming innit?

boynton said...

I guess the nuances are of the times.
losing your cool sounds very 50s/60s.

But who knew cool as a cucumber was C18th?

(I like the kewl spelling because of its oxymoronic properties)