Tuesday, August 26, 2008

miss beanie

Inspired by many others, I tried to create a manga avatar a few times, but it wasn't until I spied a beanie (on the ♂ menu) that I managed it. So it's a bit mix-and-match but there you go.

This is my preferred headwear in a Melbourne winter, although it could be tartan. Also, add about 25 years of course.

an update - non-shopped from the ♀ menu, but alas, still with head-wear in lieu of comprehensive fringe options. (Although it is around this time of the year that I swap my purple beanie for purple TAC cap when walking canines, that much is true.)


Dick said...

By my reckoning, that makes you about 30.

boynton said...

I like that comment, Dick.

I think these things only work with a healthy dose of vanity.

Juke said...

My vanity is much thwarted at present by the 500 Internal Server Error page returned at the link.
What a great thing a realistic manga thingie would be, with lots and lots of intricate and detailed options.
Like one of those criminal-identifier etch-a-sketch police things.
"No, I think the mole was a little further up on the left side of the scar on his right cheek above the tattoo of the python in its egg."
They could have a dial for age, and shades of skin, and wrinkles.
A challenge to the honest, well met so far by young Boynton, even while employing rudimentary tools.
Which, as mentioned, have seemingly vanished.

boynton said...

It's a shame it has vanished, Juke, because I was all set to attempt another non-beanie, non-25 y-old, non-paintshop-transgendered rudimentary avatar...

Juke said...

Thick plots abounding I went back to it last p.m. under a different browser (Opera as opposed to Firefox) and it worked and I made one fairly representative given the choices and they said they'd send it and they said they sent it and later then I went to bed, after brushing my teeth.
This a.m. the site won't load again under any browsers(Firefox, SeaMonkey, Opera, IE) and they never sent it, or I never got it.
Or maybe it never happened at all.
Maybe none of this is real.
Or more likely only some of it.
But which parts?


boynton said...

Beware the brushing of the teeth?

Site won't load now.
I'm stuck with my beanie self.

Helen said...

OMG it does look like you.
I'll see if we have any Mr Bucket Beanies left in the cupboard next grogblog...
I'm in dire need of a haircut at the moment, and because I'm wearing beanies every day on accounta the weather, I'm in grave danger of terminal hat head.
Must. get. cut. soon.

Helen said...

Oh, and it's interesting that you found Cake Wrecks (previous post) via Making Light - I found it via Fugly Horse Of The Day - it seems to be getting around, that blog!
Making Light is a great source of ... well.. stuff.

boynton said...

The manga beanie here is rather bucket-like. Maybe it's a helmet?
Beanies are even more necessary in windy weather like today, spring hat.head.

I see that Cake Wrecks is a Blogger Blogs of Note, too.