Wednesday, August 13, 2008

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Re:Who is idiot Equestrian Commentator?

Who cares? It's horses jumping over mushrooms, dragons, cottages and bridges.

Well, I did enjoy watching the 3 day event. That is, watching the moments that swimming-centric ch. seven let us see between swimming heats
And I enjoyed Simon Marshall's commentary. (Though ideally he'd share the gig with Lucinda Green, for the yin and yang equestrian commentating dream team.)


Tony T said...

3AW cricket commentary - Yes! 3AW! Cricket! - from the late 80s:

Slug Jordan: "Bloody hell that was a rubbish shot, Blowers! Crap."

Henry Blofeld: "Frightfully good point, Slug old thing."

boynton said...

Sounds good - could have almost got me listening to AW.
Best thing about Simon Marsall's vernacular calling was that it wasn't put on (or if it was, I couldn't detect it)
K'OK might be able to team up with someone like Blowers, but you know that it would be schtick.

I remember there was a good rapport between Stan Grant (who by his own admission knew nuthin' about Equestrian events) and Lucinda Green in Atlanta. I think LG and SM could be interesting.

boynton said...

Just heard 774 listeners getting stuck into Simon Marshall for his parochial calling, ie. hoping the Germans would have elements falling (or to incur riding faults if you prefer) in the showjumping final. Much outrage.
In contrast, I thought it was great! Racy and funny, and let's face it, I bet most of us were thinking "fuzz it, fuzz it" too...
(in a good way, of course)

boynton said...


Nabakov said...

I refuse to watch equestrian events on the screen until the technology has evolved to pipe the smell in as well.

It's not a really a horse thing until you actually smell the sweat (animal and human), the straw, the oiled and dubbined leather, the crap (horse only) and the smoke and booze.

One sport that can never be sanitised.

boynton said...