Saturday, January 05, 2008


Why is it so...

Did the Channel Nine News really spell it School Chaplin?

and while we're talkin' marbles

Wild reading in bed.

Surprising. I guess all the doll dirt squarely outstrips the trousers

A surge in my stats from this search was curious, and suggests a puzzle or quiz in the US that leads to a quick google-squiz? Who knows.

And speaking of dogs, nice lines and tumblers, Impending dog disaster might be a useful phrase to unleash

Q: Is it time to stop playing pub trivia when the answer is Labrador and I say Alsatian?

After the chainsaw massacre, they left a note on the nature strip.

Learnt recently at Trivia: The difference between a King and a Queen is a foot

Last night I dreamt I watched Rebecca again

It was certainly raining cats and dogs and cattle dogs were whining.

2007 @ boynton in first lines, via a first line meme @ Genevieve's.
Bit late off the mark, of course, since 07 is so last week.
And 07 was pretty slim pickings around here.
I cheated on the last first line. That was actually the third line.
And alas, I couldn't include my favourite line of the year, which was not mine, but such a nice found line I'm thinking of nominating it for a martini:

A Tudor is the sacred cow of house styles


genevieve said...

Those doll dirt posts were triffic. As is the epigrammatic flow of all these lines. Jealous, especially of the sacred Tudor cow.

Cast Iron Balcony said...

I've already noted the first candidate for best line of the year 2008, from Laura at Sill's Bend:

Why's there never a really vicious Dalek on hand, all hepped up to exterminate something, when you badly, badly need one?

Happy new year, Boynton! We know you know your Alsatians from your Labs.

Ann O'Dyne said...

so would a Mock-Tudor be a sort of non-dairy house style?

Being a refugee from the 472 comments on AGB's epic cricket post, I commend you on your Clarke hat-trick prediction.

boynton said...

G: Epigrammatic flow or carry-on carrion? Anyway - I think it's a great meme. Tempted to do a (hidden) summary of all my blogging years.

CIB: Noted. I'd love to see Laura's take on this. It would be a great short story at the very least.
HNY - and the dogs I've been considering adopting of late have a bit of both and then some.

A'OD: Heh - a rival to the low-fat cream brick.

re Cricket. Ha!
I've managed to maintain a passionate indifference to all nine days of it. Except that I have switched allegiance to India along the way. I'm *so over* the aussies already, rip spirit of game bah humbug.
That remark was said as I was looking at the Sunday Snodger (impossible) as the televsion was on in the background, the only ten minutes or so of cr**cket I didn't avoid.
Mind you, I did feel a hat trick coming on.

FXH said...

I would have thought the bungalow and verandah were more sacred cow country.

boynton said...


Bwca said...

bwah ha Ha haaaaaaaaaaaa

genevieve said...

First lines of every post - that would make quite a decent modernist novel in your case, seasoned blogger that you are.

I liked the meme too - but am intrigued that some people did it from December backwards, bloggy style.

boynton said...

Ah - backwards makes more sense.