Wednesday, October 17, 2007

five ride

So it's Ride to work Day and one's five year bloganniversaire.

Five Ride To Work Day.
Five Ride To Work Day.
Five Ride To Work Day

f!v3 r!d3 70 w0rk d4y
Five make for the scene
Five wait for a hit

Meanwhile one's audience numbers have been consolidating.


Zeppo Bakunin said...

Congrats on quinque, and looking forward ...

boynton said...

Merci Zeppo. catching the train home? ;)

lucy tartan said...

Five star post, Miss.

I've been intending to get a big hat.

genevieve said...

FIVE! you and Tone are a couple of swells. I feel rather jejune.

peacay said...

Onya Ms B. Hi-Five.
Obviously my beard and I are hiding in the bushes, out of view.

boynton said...

Ta, Lucy.
A big hat would be good. Cheaper after Cup Day I guess.

Yes, there's a few five year olds around, although they're still going strong, whereas I think I'm fffffading away.

Merci, cher peacay.
Or were you the photographer?

Caroline said...

Many happy returns.

boynton said...

Thanks, Caroline.

Returns? I'm taking it One Day at a Time ;)

Tony said...

Five?!? It doesn't look a day over three and a half.

boynton said...

Well, 4 and a half in this incarnation actually.
(The old blogspot archives are still waiting to be -esqued)

Helen said...

Happy belated blogiversary
Belated Happy blogiversary
Happy blogiversary, belated
The ladies in hats all say "Hooray!"

Lord Sedgwick said...

As always, we are fashionably late to the party of the fifth part, but we can catch up with 'Pass the parcel', 'Spin the bottle' and 'Musical Chers', and we're looking forward to the "now's the time to say goodbye" lolly bag.

(But what's your real age in blog years?)

genevieve said...

Age cannot wither you, nor custom stale your infinite variety.

boynton said...

Thanks Helen.
Whoops - did I forget teh correct spelling? blogiversary...
I thought bloganniversaire was a way to acknowledge teh ennui that every blogger suffers with pride.

Muscial chers sounds like some Karaoke variant, Sedge, and one to keep in mind for the Annual Blogger's Picnic.
Hmmmmm -I think I'm about the same age in Blog-Years as you?

Ch-ch-ch-ch-cheers, Genevieve.