Friday, October 26, 2007


In the tradition of Laura's Woods Ware Beryl (see footnote), I'm happy to report that my china Kontiki was seen guesting in Love My Way series 2.

Glad it turned up in such a kool milieu as Frankie's place, but I hope the retro boho chic trip doesn't go to its head, or it may never speak to me again.


Zeppo Bakunin said...

Thanks for the link to Sills Bend, Miss B. - Went beyond the crockery and have put on kilos just from reading the syllabub recipe.

And I couldn't resist the Austen character quiz: Now must reread Emma and S & S as well as Persuasion to see whether I really want to be like Mr Knightley and Colonel Brandon, and a bit like Edward Ferrars and Captain Wentworth.

(Apparently a female giving my responses to the quiz only gets to be a single character: Elinor, from S&S. Life's so complicated being a semi-fictional male.)

lucy tartan said...

Nothing worse than a dinner set whose guest appearances on the telly have gone to its head making it all insufferable like.

genevieve said...

When I have charged my camera batteries (or when oldest daughter comes over with hers) I will link to a photo of my teev dinnerset. Nowhere near as boho as yours, B. It made an appearance on Funky Squad - say no more - and is to be retired to younger daughter's retro collection tout de suite.

Ann O'Dyne said...

Kontiki has also been lauded on The Collectors.

Lady Bracknell might say ONE appearance is kool, but TWO TV appearances will definitely have gone to it's head.

boynton said...

Zeppo. Whipt Syllabub sounds like it could be a dinner set itself, or a Melb Cup runner.
I took the quiz too. Eliza B - me?
I thought my answers to the party questions were all too anti-social to be she.

Indeed, Lucy. I do have a second set of chipped plates which I could use to temper the insufferability.

I look fwd to that, Genevieve.
I wish I could have posted a screen shot. The pic is anon china off www.ebay.
Also, as cool as (Kathie Winkle's) Kontiki may be, I think her "Rushstone" is seen as cooler.
So that's another way I could cut my Dinner Set down to size.
"It's not as if you're Rushstone, or anything"

OMG - I must have missed that episode of Collectors, Ann!
When? How? Who?!!

Tony said...

Is this pie, chips and gravy on a Kontiki tour?

boynton said...

That's impressive.

'Tis Kontiki, though a later version than mine, I think.
Same tones, but the lines have gone wavy.
Which may be more groovy, for your gravy anyway.

Tony said...

So there in the same boat.

Tony said...

They're should be there, not there.