Friday, August 24, 2007


Q: Is it time to stop playing pub trivia when the answer is Labrador and I say Alsatian?

(OTOH - was it the time, two years ago, when I didn't know the middle name of J.B.Priestley)


Anonymous said...

I love a good pub trivia quiz. Now, J.B. Priestley - Brenda?

Juke said...


Lord Sedgwick said...
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Lord Sedgwick said...

'Twas me - bad tpyos. Take two (which is apparently where 'Take Five' are currently headed)

Jeremiah Belvedere Priestly, I believe - at least I think that's what he told me the last time JayBeePee and meself broke bread at Laburnum Grove.

But then again in the room across the corridor Mr. Kettle and Mrs. Moon were tupping fortissimo and 'twas hard to hear clearly ... and JayBeePee and meself were very, very G'n'T'ed at the time.

Francis Xavier Holden said...

A dog breed named after a geographic area or island?

Nabakov said...

Q. When was the last time you saw an old silver-bearded bloke in a beret leading a half-grown llama down Ackland St as it cast haughty looks at all the street table cocktail hour groovers?

A. About 7pm tonight for me.

Which inevitably reminds me that it may be time for another Boynton caption exhibition.

Can I suggest this 21st century Tati image for starters?

boynton said...


(And I envy the etxra syllable,GG. In VB veritas)

More Basic than that, FX. Top Breeds UK. I prefer your Q though.
(and wondering: Is there a pubquiz with rhetorical questions?)

I wish you'd write some pub quizzes, Nabakov, but you'd have to narrow it down from StKilda, which is too vast a landscape.
(Though I did see a woman walking a small pony around the sedate streets of the middle suburbs for a while. Sans beret.)

Great pic indeed. Tres Tati.

Ann O'Dyne said...

"the middle name of J.B.Priestley"

so it's not 'Banjo'
and it's not the guy from Beverly Hills 90210 ?
and it's not his brother J.B.Were ?

boynton said...

and Who Were J.B?