Monday, June 04, 2007

the arkley

Further to Laura's HAs on Sars

The Age:
One change being driven by developers is the swing away from the fake historical facade such as the neo-Georgian, mock Victorian and quasi-colonial.

They want their estates to have a sharper, more contemporary look. This has opened the way for one new historical style — the neo-'50s. One of Metricon's most popular designs is the Arkley, inspired by the late painter Howard Arkley's renditions of postwar suburban houses
The Arkley

I've seen a few "retros" recently in real estate ads for fifties houses, and even a Post-modern. Which could mean your retro house is enclosed by a couple of giant quotation marks out the front, who knows?


Lunar Brogue said...

A beautiful idea for my post-modern, negatively-geared triplex currently under reconstruction in Fort Battler. Budget and planning approval permitting, I'd like to "bookend" the structure with a giant pair of robotic hands.

Passers-by who triggered a mail-box-mounted sensor would be amazed, and perhaps also a little envious, as the metres-long pointer and middle fingers of each hand, raised by default in the "antennae formation", hydraulically folded palmwards before them.

Those who tried deliberately to activate
an air quote would be spoken to by a robotic (and slightly impish) instantiation of Mr Arkley himself, explaining that spontaneous, quotidian, urban contradistinctions must be just that.

boynton said...

Is that that merely or morally that?

I like that idea very much.

I hope the planning approval does not force a deconstruction of your proposed reconstruction and insist the robotics are hidden (mobile telephone style) within a couple of palm trees.

(That's not just about the pun, but because of the palms I've been noticing lately, that date estates.)

Lunar Brogue said...

My goodness, a forest of polymer palms and Koons-style messiahs transmitting Big Brother nominations. Is this the future?

boynton said...

the neo, mock or quasi futures.

btw - I missed the obvious before.
Would the Howard Arkley (HA)instantiated speech to the casual sensor-triggerers open with the cry: AHA!?

Lunar Brogue said...

Good suggestion. And at the same instant the big hands could jerk into a goal umpire's double point (H 1 0 6, A 0 0 0).

Tony.T said...

It can't be long before Olinda's neo-Tudor returns.

To torment us.

boynton said...

I think I've seen some neo-ye olde varieties.

Or is that mock-mock?

boynton said...

Bucks' Tudor

Tony T. said...

Bucks' fizzer.

ErinArdill said...

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