Friday, June 10, 2011

new camera

old saucepans


Ann O'Dyne said...

an o dised !

and get over to Vetti in Northcote to see The Best Frig-Door Handle Ever.

Juke said...

Nice color interplay and shape harmonies and stuff there.
Now that table end will always be an artifact of Aussie design culture for me somehow.
Something of the shooter's inner world comes through the image eh?
Volumes of speaking. Somebody said that already?
I got a picture of my laundry hanging on the line out in the yard that came together in a way I can't articulate to satisfaction, but there it is. Slow quiet thrill of visual reproduction.
Maybe it's the coffee.
I'm under the impression that taking photos and letting the satisfaction/disatisfaction work its elucidary on the eye/brain will reward the shootist, and viewist as well, while providing many hours of meaningful enjoyment. Or rather, enjoyment!

boynton said...

Heh - I have a weakness for the anondised myself.
U-can-call-me-Al U Mininium

(Great fridge door)

Juke, I'm a bad photographer with no aspirations, but like this camera and blogspot is the spot for it.
This one kinda looks in the ebay genre, but was taken on the day of the purchase of the Green saucepan, and I wanted to admire the aesthetics of the set. Not sure they are the best to cook with.

I am often interested in the background details of public images, clues in the cushions...
And, snap, I took a couple of photos of my clothesline too, featuring an artifact of Aussie design culture. I might post next week.

Marshall Stacks said...

while I was admiring the textural variety - tile, timber, metal, fabric ... I noticed the curtains have an added textural effect, possibly JRT related.
A Photo Stylist might have micro-managed that, but not the stylist of Australian Country Style, who let through a full page image of a super-glam historic homestead interior, with the costly curtains hanging away from their moorings. How the owner must have wailed when she saw the issue, and how I enjoyed the whole thing.

At Ballarat Uni in the lecture room of the School of Nursing there is a huge mural/collage of anodised pot lids, various sizes and colors. I was impressed at the collecting and the inspiration.

boynton said...

The mural sounds great. Doesn't seem to be a pic www

lunarbrogue said...

Old saucepans in new camera. (Sounds almost libellous.)

boynton said...

a libellous hiss?

Pot calling the kettle Blue?

TimT said...

Looks like you have a good handle on the situation.

boynton said...

Handle's aluminium chorus