Friday, May 20, 2011

crossed lines

Crossed Lines: Vivien calls Bette

via we've made enchantment


Ann O'Dyne said...

One's BF's always say
"you can call me anytime"
but we all know we can't really.

Pity Mother Goddam was stinking up that fabulous bedhead with the ciggy fumes. I have been her biggest fan since technicolour came in, and she most graciously signed both my copies of her autobiogs when she was at the Melbourne Hilton in about 1975.
Let's not ask for the moon when we have the stars! (puff puff)
and my favourite scene is when she slams down the Fricassee de Rat for Crawfords dinner.

It's the pictures that got small.

boynton said...

Gotta love the ciggie-acting in that scene though.

Why ask for the stars when we can have the rat? ;)

Indeed, the pictures did.
There are some great classic movies blogs around the place though