Wednesday, December 08, 2010


30 years ago... Dick Jones

On a less sad note:
Beatles Poster. 10 great years via the presurfer

Watched JL Naked.
will be of interest mainly to Beatle completists

(I like the sound of the phrase: beatles compleatist.
Is a completist the best fan or a lesser beast?)


Marshall Stacks said...

not over it yet.

boynton said...

no - me neither.

and you knew it on the day; the end of the dream.

peacay said...

It was the Kennedy moment for a different generation. I had just come back from the beach and was standing in the dining room when I heard the radio. It's the random banality that sticks: there is no meaning other than it being a waste. It makes one sense how empty everything is if something worthwhile gets struck down by fanatical chance. I can understand why those large tragic events in(v)(c)ite depression.

boynton said...

it was swimming here too