Friday, October 15, 2010

yes terday


Ann O'Dyne said...

... since all I see is a grey box with 'click here to download plugin' and I won't ... do I guess it is McCatney related?

Just read the latest issue of MOJO magazine where Paul comments on The Troubles. Speaking of pop troubles, the new Keef book is hilarious and I cannot bear waiting to read it all.
He says Mick is poorly hung, and he says that Johnny*Depp came to his house a lot before KR realised he was an actor (had been thinking it was his son's Dealer!). christ.

boynton said...

A fem fab four mangling one of my least favourite fab hits. Mangling is a relative term, of course, and there is the appeal of that close harmony of relatives. Sisters. I the sixties. It made me laugh,as one of five sisters, who never sang 'yesterday' together, although some sang solo.
Some days, with the bloggerly self-indulgence afforded by blog, I just post whatever has made me laugh, and due to various circs, this one hit the spot.
(It was found as I was trying to track a rather charming yootoob I had once seen of four sisters singing in a kitchen. Unmarked, alas)

Keef's books sounds like a good read will be had, with mandatory beatle-bashing.

Ann O'Dyne said...

oh singing sisters -
The Maguire Sisters,
The Andrews,
The Sadista Sisters,
The Nolans,
The Corrs,
The Shaggs, and Melbourne's very own Moir Sisters were just the biggest thing, and produced by Ross Wilson.
In earlier decades we had The Bradley Sisters too.
Thank God I'm an only-child.

boynton said...

current fave is the Boswells


click here to download plug-in ;)