Friday, August 06, 2010

no smoking



Ann ODyne said...

they all have those extra-comfy sheepskin-covered seatbelts.
'merino' sheep came from the mountains in Spain, and their name means 'fugitive without a home' ... pretty funny since the recent bendigo Sheep Show auction's top ram cost $46,000

that's one ram. I don't think he got a rough ride to his new home.

boynton said...

A fugitive without a home might be home here
(in the baaar...)

Ann ODyne said...

Merino features in my family history:
My Grandfather's Aunts Emily Brown born there in 1871 and Clara Brown born there in 1867 (Clara married in 1896 to Isaac Hayes which slays me).
Lanoline-scented woolsheds the aroma of decades long-gone.

One of my links has died. A Poet, Paul Squires of GINGATAO blog.
In Brisbane, an accident.
I am very sad. or shocked. to go skipping into his blog with happy news and find the opposite caused weeping.
how strange the ethernet is.
His final blogpost is so prescient, it's as if he posted after death.
We met when I posted on Percy Grainger - he had a Google Alert.

boynton said...

Lanoline-scented woolsheds the aroma of decades long-gone.

and sheep filled roadsides too - browsing through the NLA, stock photos of stock crossing.

Sad news.