Sunday, January 10, 2010


Bronte - beloved member of this diminishing pack died on Thursday.

Because she was one of those dogs so attuned to the emotional tenor of the household, she herself would now be burrowing behind the couch as the household weeps.
In her own time she would emerge shyly and with boundless affection in tact.



Tony said...

Hats off.

genevieve said...

What a dear little pooch. My condolences.

Ann ODyne said...

Sincere condolences from me too.
I know your fate this week will be to see similar dogs everywhere you go, giving you that slap in the heart every time.
The photo shows a doglet who LOOKS like she was loved - it's all you can do really.

boynton said...

- thanks all.

She was indeed a much loved and loving dog.

Bronte was actually around on post 2 of boynton and she seems so linked with the routine of blogging (such as it is) that I'm imagining this may be the time to CloseDownBlog or move to new premises.
I've blogged about the Madbluey Flo more, but B was always a couple of feet away underneath my feet or surveying the stats from an easy chair.

Helen said...

Oh Boynton I'm so sorry.
There is nothing more I can say.

boynton said...

- thanks Helen, nice to see CIB back.

There isn't really a lot one can say, is there, except we're getting through it and have even sussed out a few shelters which is harrowing in itself.

(and also feel I didn't say enough about just how big her personality was: Asta's not far off the mark ;)

Nabakov said...

Bronte was the little one that would eventually emerge after Flo had searched us for treats?

Can't say I ever got to know her and now sorry I never will.

It may cheer you up to check out Pixar's 'Up'. Not only is it what I think is their best movie, it's got the greatest ever depiction ever of talking dogs - done in a way that never patronises their essential dogness yet wringing wonderful humour out of a genuine dog's eye view of the world.

boynton said...

Yes, I think the bluey stole the show at barbecues.

Alas, I don't think you were ever treated to one of her tricks: crooning. (Not even when watching The Seekers Down Under when surely a singalong was on the cards.)
And she was also a talker ... (but now I'm sounding a tad crazydoglady)

and thanks, will check Up out.

R.H. said...

I had two dogs that each lived for twenty years, eighteen of those years together. You never get over missing them.
I can't go to dog shelters anymore, I did and almost broke down.