Friday, April 03, 2009

fri dawgs

was idly browsing bluey youtube
and found a film with a blue heeler song

by Mary Ann Kennedy
Grammy nominated hit songwriter from Nashville, TN., Mary Ann Kennedy, creates music that celebrates the horse

- who also has a song about a jack.

(though wwwhere is the labra♪or mon amour j'adore ballad I wonder...)


Nabakov said...

You want some nature action
Start with season one.

Unfortunately it's only insects and marine life so far but I'm sure she'll get around to land-based carnivores soon.

He check you email. I sent you a story about a singing blue heller.

Ebony Jewelwing said...

Hey thanks for that excellent nature action.
And for my green porno name.

Bonnie Hender said...

Check out my lamo porn name - sounds like a Soccer Mom from NJ.
I'm surprised by how much Blue Heelers seem to have caught on in the US. had some ace Blue heeler blogging before she went slightly apeshit over the US elections and deleted everything since 2007.

boynton said...

A Soccer Mom and/or an ACD blogger?

Wonder if there's any link to being around blueys and going slightly apeshit?
That old ACD ADHD must have some influence on one's equilibrium.