Wednesday, October 08, 2008

more micro

via Genevieve

More on microblogging trends at ReadWriteWeb State of the Blogosphere 2008.
From the comments:
People write where they hope and believe they have an audience to listen and possibly respond to their thoughts. i.e vanity of the blogger

Right now the audience is now on Twitter and/or Facebook/Friendfeed, so that is where the conversation has moved. In the future it may move to video e.g Seesmic, Qik, Kyte

So that's where the party's gone?
Funnily enough, I've always been a micro tumberly twitterly link blogger, so I may have to start writing long posts to stay well in the nichey-kitchen at parties.


genevieve said...

I thought it got very quiet when Facebook first kicked off, then there was a bit of a recovery.

I can't handle Twitter at all - far too fragmented for me! I'd rarver read a book, or a damn fine electric speed blog like this one, thanks.

peacay said...

Handy that even blog ennui can be outsourced for deeper microanalysis.
Hi Genevieve!

boynton said...

I'm starting to read more widely again (on the web) looking for microanalysis of teh meltdown.
I guess Twitter could go godot there.

Iz blogging?

btw pk: I drafted (in my head) a post for today. It read:
I drafted this post 2 years ago

Dick said...

What Genevieve said. And may all those who see blogging as jumping up and down shouting, "Pick me, pick me!" prosper in their new pastures.

R.H. said...

Forget godot.

Waiting for O'dyne is forever enough.

boynton said...

A pastureful of pickmes...

Re Twitter, I read a nice description last night at Incoming Signals
"It’s the visual equivalent of moving through a large crowd where everyone’s holding their own conversations about the same thing, and you overhear half a sentence at a time, getting a really broad but surface-deep impression of the zeitgeist."