Thursday, February 14, 2008


What a Difference A Day Made

Shirley Temple non-fans look away now.
(But you'll miss Alice Faye at 0.55-secs-in singing But Definitely)

and this version sports a splendid karaoke orchestral intro.


Francis Xavier Holden said...

24 little hours

boynton said...

86,400 seconds

dysthymiac said...

Boynton I think FXH was thinking song lyrics with his comment, and you were supposed to continue with "and that difference is you".

Just swinging by to mention a Beaumaris memoir blog that you might like ... hope so. cheers

boynton said...

There were a few rainbows and showers on the menu to wade through before that line though, dysth.
And you don't wanna feed the FX ;)

Yes - I do like it. I hope it gets updated/08-ed.