Tuesday, May 01, 2007

ho nome

boynton looks pretty good in Italian

Well - Ho raramente un y'know nome beats I rarely have a name y'know.

I noticed this referral in my stats around the same time as I happened to watch
Our Little Girl again, with my sister who was always a fan of the movie and Boynton (the character)
It may come as no surprise to readers to discover miss boynton has misquoted Boynton.
In the film, Boynton actually says: I've really got a name you know.

Perhaps I should change it, but then I'd be tempted to change it to the Italian. Y'know.


Bwca said...

oh let's call the whole thing off !

On the rare occasion one sees any of those films Miss S Temple made as a tiny girl, one is deeply moved by her capability and personality.
Worth a PhD really.

boynton said...

Yes indeed- we were moved again by early shirley in Our Little Girl.

(They used to be on tv all the time...Gone to Pay-land I guess.)