Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Harris writes with a wit that's sly, not show-offy. He can encapsulate the woes of shooting "Doctor Dolittle" in four words: "The rhinoceros got pneumonia."

Charles Matthews, Washington Post
Amazon review of Pictures at a Revolution
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Nabakov said...

Sounds good. A bit like Shaun Levy's 'Ready Steady Go"

which also used (created?) the device of following five separate lives during a time of change and upheaval to let the reader draw their own conclusions about what happened and what it meant.

And Levy's book also pointed out how Lionel Blair, Helen Shapiro and Anthony Newley were right into helping out the Beatles, the Stones and other upcoming acts behind the scenes with showbiz tricks of the trade onstage and off - and, in Li Blair and Ants Newley's case, passing on the basics of big show writing, arranging and performing.

Every serious player back then with half a brain and a sniff of stage instinct recognised it was not a revolution but a continuum.

And since you mentioned Dr Dolittle, why it's Antony Newley time!

Well OK, there's bugger all Newley in that link. Unlike these ones.

Dickens meets Gainsborg.

R.H. said...

I heard Helen Shapiro on the radio saying that in her day you had to sell a huge amount of any single you recorded, just to get on the charts. It was harder back then.

Anonymous said...

Anthony's not an Antony.

boynton said...

saw an an post at World of Kane recently.
worthy of AN afternoon of films one day maybe.

Well, Brian Epstein had to buy a lot of records to get Love Me Do on the charts, allegedly.

That old aitch-less-ness is hugely important to ants I guess.

Ann ODyne said...

just when I was wondering about Rex Harrison and pneumonia it all turned into Stop The Blog - I Want To Get Off.