Thursday, June 19, 2008

book care

Last Fri I met Zeppo B to take in the manuscripts on display at the SLV.
Along with many many Melburnians. So many that the queue stretched out the door and onto the steps, with that strange weather thing happening that we Melburnians have almost forgotten - the unfolding of the umbrellas.
Inside, there were so many people in the room we were advised by the sentry to forget the linear journey and navigate via available space over the glass encasements. (This is often my preferred pathway as it turns out)
And it was beautiful.

And this is not especially related, but it did occur to me as we talked about the remarkable feat of history and preservation. I mentioned that recently I had seen a technique demonstrated very soberly on an instructional film from the fifties, Books and their care (see 03:24)
The ms in question is The World of Pooh

(And for ZB and others sans broadband, the technique is explained lo fi here - Opening a new book - along with the Improper use of a paperclip.)


Lord Sedgwick said...

We went to the exhibition too and wonderful it was. Big queue it was but nothing to compare with the queue at the newly opened Krispy Kreme Donuts at Meadow Fair on Thursdays.

Handled the queue with equanimity and good grace (far from my default setting in such situations) however I have two significant quibbles.

1. I know that the lighting has to be subdued to protect the exhibits, but the positioning of some of the (subdued) lights were puzzling, inconsistent and irritating. Leaning over to study some of the items meant that you cast a shadow over the already diminished lighting.

2. Lots of information about the narratives/characters depicted (good!) but precious little technical detail. e.g. was I looking at matter written (wonderful as it was) on paper, vellum, Reflex A4, Gladwrap - whatever? (And here the shadow I cast over quite a number of the exhibits militated against my own CSI like forensic investigation.)

boynton said...

We skipped the lunchtime queue and went looking for some Krispy Kreme Donuts in one of the 300 food halls in 3000. When we returned, the queue had lost a few metres.
Yes I agree about lighting.
(I thought the problem was my own diminishing eyesight, so I vainly pretended I could see perfectly ;)

The online material is a boon.

Ann ODyne said...

1. good to know Melbourne can pack a show like that.
2. my links pal Antikva was right in there at the opening.
3. That subdued lighting was the same for the exhibit that @Duck curated, which I got to and it was wonderful too - the saddle bag with old Koran was memorable.
4. this time I am too far away to manage a visit, but I have the brochure. On p 14 it has The Hours Of The Virgin and her angel friend appears to be carrying a LAPTOP BAG? anybody?

5. my houseguest Thats So Pants actually owns an illuminated manuscript.

6. several beauties at Ballarat Fine Art Gall also.

7. Krispy Kremes?
One day The South will rise again!

peacay said...

*grumbles about desperately small web piccies*

My jealousy aside, another bookish exhibition in Melb atm is Fifty Books for Fifty Years at Monash U (until Aug 31).

You guys have all the fun. And do(ugh)nuts.

boynton said...

3. yes, TT and I saw that.
Loved it.
4. Yes.
She looks like a world weary commuter with computer heading hom ethrough the Treasury Gardens.
5. Impressive.

- I lied about the donuts.
I hadn't even heard of Krispy Kreme. I had an Apple muffin.

Thanks for the alert, peacay.
I'll have to organise some wheels to Clayton before Spring.

Lord Sedgwick said...

"I hadn't even heard of Krispy Kreme."

You never watched 'Twin Peaks' Agent Dale Cooper knocking back his Rosemary Stanton totally disapproved breakfast?!

boynton said...


lucy tartan said...

The 'how to open a new book' routine stirred a dim memory for me.

boynton said...

Not even a dim memory for me.

I'm glad though that I didn't ever see Books and their care at school, or I would have found the idea of books and reading a dangerous event.
Bringing home a new book into that home is obviously as dramatic and life-altering as bringing home a new puppy.

fifi said...

oh you LUCKY LUCKY thing I am dying to see that show and I'll not be able to get there.
I'm heaving with envy and disappointment.

oh for a $49 airfare and a free weekend....

boynton said...

Well, sadly it's finished in Melb too, Fifi.
I wish I had got there earlier in time for a second visit...