Thursday, June 19, 2008

mov 2 live

Elsewhere, my musical taste has been questioned.
I took this to heart and sought out one of my top ten fave live hits of the 1790's for consolation.


Anonymous said...

(Or is this a better live version, I don't know)

Tony said...

with all due respect your honour - that's pathetic!

boynton said...

No bantering allowed on this thread.

Anyway, it's four bars of Romantic transcendence followed by a strikingly conventional 18th-century close

Ann ODyne said...

so many people,
such a lot of music,
so many styles,
something for everybody.

play ON.

Anonymous said...

my musical taste has been questioned.

Only in an effort to ensure the sportyblogger didn't claim support for his taste or lack of.

Anyway I'm sure you wouldn't claim expertise in best live Dad's Rock albums of the 70s/80s.

boynton said...

well - needless to say I was misquoted.

I'm reluctant to claim expertise on anything in this medium.

btw, FX, it's definitely one of the top 10 melbourne drying days today, ain't it.
I was half thinking of doing a post on it, or doing half a load of washing to dry before the gales hit.

Anonymous said...

ha Ms B - great minds - in between researching on google scholar, writing important things and making calls I've thrown a few loads of washing on and hanging them out. I only hope that others will bring them in when I'm not here before it gets damp again tonight.

I 'm also wondering if it would be ok to leave a large saucepan with Corned Beef just lightly boiling on for a few hours while I'm away - with no one else in house.

boynton said...

Beware: if no-one brings them in before it gets damp, they'll stay on the line for a week, in that endless damp/dry/damp cycle.

Re Corned beef

Anonymous said...

How come you two thoroughbreds don't use a stable of clothes horses?

boynton said...

I have an unstable of them.