Thursday, June 12, 2008


This was one of the photos I found through searching for Muriels + wedding at Picture Australia. The hitching appears to be an accidental pun...

Anyway, after this, an email from Ann O'Dyne * inspired me to go browsing for more:

Trehare (Treharne, Trahar, Trahare ?)
methodist H & C


R.H. said...

OH!- the ducks on the wall! 1950s. And they're in the wrong order! (or flying backwards).

I've got two, with the smallest missing.
I tell people a hawk got it.

Ann ODyne said...

I do like it that the ducks are in the mirror as well.
All the photos are wonderful.
I can spend hours at pictureaustralia.
thanks miss B

boynton said...

It was the ducks that appealed, especially reflected back.
I love the Bride-in-House photos, for the contrast between the costume and the set.
I think I like the marquee one the best - that's when people knew how to throw a wedding without the bridezilla debt.

Ann ODyne said...

There is a CorpseZilla debt too.
Even funerals are multi-media productions these days,
with slideshows and folksingers.
It's all too bad.

Anonymous said...

I love the 'Methodist H&C'. A perfect snap of two energy-beings in a sci-fi wedding.

boynton said...

corpsezilla sounds as if there's a zombie in the works.

Hope it doesn't go the way of The American Way of Death

Oh yes, I can see that now, Zeppo.
Has the congregation been zapped?

I chose it for its simple charm, (and because of my Methodist origins, of course ;)

fifi said...

I love the duck bride.

I feel that this image is a strange precursor to her lonely marriage.


Anonymous said...

No-one's asked the question of the month: Were the two in 'Tallangatta' able to give informed consent for the photo'? Were they be able to sue later for the psychological damage caused by encouraging them to believe that marriage was alright?

(Mind you, they don't look particularly happy, so maybe they were ok in later life.)

boynton said...

The more I look at the Hampton Bride, the more I see.
Symmetry. Shadows. Florals.
It's a great photo, isn't it.
Interesting idea that the fate may have be written on the photos.

Are they struggling with the inherent ambiguities?
On the edge of husbandry?

Ann ODyne said...

The 1921 Casterton wedding is
an educated guess makes Harriet the grand-daughter of Chris Coulson who swam the thoroughbred horse 'King Alfred' ashore from a ship off Portland for my ancestor Richard Lewis. Lewis established an 'inn' where the Hentys stayed in 1847.
Clarence Gull will be an ancestor of Stuart Gull who played for Melbourne FC.
Stuey now owns heritage-listed Banongil, and sells real estate in Ballarat.

boynton said...

Melbourne FC?

Mostly South Melbourne FC

- interesting connections.