Tuesday, June 10, 2008

something good

About 20 years ago a friend observed:
We've given up on op-shops now. Dimmeys is cheaper.
Well if you're talking best of popular music CDs, he was right.
Herman's Hermits Greatest Hits for a dollar was pretty good.

and this is good too


Anonymous said...

our local dimmeys (frankston) closed last year.

besides not really knowing where to stock my wardrobe from now, i was walking past the empty building the other day, and i momentarily flittered back to the early 80's when the same shop was a coles variety store. those were the days.

sitting here now, i'm not sure whether i'm more melancholic about dimmeys or coles....

R.H. said...

Get along to Savers ponder this, find the one in Frankston and ponder that. You'll never buy new again.

Ministry of Calculated Hedonism.

boynton said...

Are the smaller Dimmeys as good as the Richmond one? They never seem to have quite the same variety and bargains. Still I'd miss a local one too - as I also lament the passing of Coles.
Shame they couldn't hold onto their philosophy of nothing over 2/6 just when the crazy/go lo/reject shops flooded the market, and cleaned up, presumably.
Ditto Myers Bargain Basement.

I went to Savers once, but chose the wrong time - school holidays.
It was cluttered with stir crazy kids, but there were baragins to be found, for sure. I don't have any within easy reach, alas.

Lord Sedgwick said...

"I've been to Savers that never close down
From New York to Rio and old London town
But no matter how far
Or how wide I roam
I still call Dimmeys home."

boynton said...

and there sno place like Dome.

(I knew there was something unsettling about Savers...
Still, there's the recycling ethic, and the affordability, which is a 'charity' on its own terms I guess.)

R.H. said...

Everything I own is from Savers, right down to the collar on my dog.
And guess what, when I die they're getting it all back.


R.H. said...

"Savers the last dance for me."

-Miss Brownie to RH, in an email.


Ann ODyne said...

not noticed Savers way out West here,
but Miss Pants just loves our NQR store in Colac.

Not Quite Right but priced right, no worries.

and RH? that 'last dance' will be the Highland Fling

boynton said...

Savers the Last Dance for me...

Didn't see the Drifters at Dimmeys but I would have bought that for a dollar too.

I love NQR, A'OD
Bought a big bag of apples ex Safeway for $2 the other day. Perfick.
(Notice the cleanskin wines sell for around $4, which will make the bingers switch from alcopops to nqr I guess)

R.H. said...

I thought NQR referred to the people who shop there.
It's like Aldi I suppose: the fruit and veg are okay, but the rest is Third World.
-Or Communist Bloc, where the store ambience (lighting, etc) was mortuary. And yes, I was there.

Thanks Miss Boyton, and I'm hoping you realise the courage it took to comment on this blog; you got class. Anyway I've just made up a nice stew, should last a few days.

Poor RH. OAM.

Anonymous said...

...did someone say "wine $4" ???

Anonymous said...

Alas Richmond Dimmey's has been sold.
Richmond will never be the same again.
Wo is me!
My children will have to find another home.
they are always there.

boynton said...

oh, yes, alas, indeed.