Tuesday, July 08, 2008


the way eastlink shrinks your long-held sense of distance.

One minute you're driving along at Doncaster
you go through the tunnel and next thing you're at Cadbury Canterbury Road?

Not to mention what the roadscaping does to your until now reasonably stable mental map.
Who knew Ringwood would ever look this?

So anyway, suddenly being in Bayswater North, we thought we may as well go to Bunnings to source shower rails
Just before I entered the store I saw I was wearing Bunnings colours.
I don't normally dress like a Leprachaun, but there you go.
In that vast cold barn was I paranoid to think Security was tagging me, with my ploy to impersonate a shop assistant and snaffle screws under my crismon hoodie?
(At least I didn't get asked about stationery lines as I did once when I accidentally wore Royal blue into Officeworks.)


Anonymous said...

Is that green hedge building where they moved the ice-skating rink?

boynton said...

I think so.

(Iceland probably has a different meaning for 21c Eastern suburbs kids?)

Anonymous said...

i was a sceptic of eastlink until i drove on it.
got to my cousin's (mt eliza to doncaster) in under 50 mins, compared to the usual 1 hr 10 mins+.

to me that is saving greenhouse gasses and improving quality of life.

bring it on.

Anonymous said...

Boynton you always dress like a leprachaun!

genevieve said...

oh bollocks, she does not.

Eastlink has really only one saving grace - I can get to Carlton in about twenty minutes after 7.30pm on a weeknight. And home again in fifteen.

But otherwise it's going to be bloody awful in peak hour - two trainlines running through the tunnel to Carlton would have been better.
I think Iceland is GONE, Tone. I have looked for it a couple of times now. Goon but not forgotten. I knew someone who cut her chin at Iceland, then came to school and pretended she had cut it shaving. She had stitches, too.

boynton said...

Haven't gone beyond Heathmont yet, PT, but will have to take a spin towards the Peninsula soon before the tolls begin.

- I think that anon was 'friendly fire', genevieve.
(I do dress in that style - but not the colours - when fulfilling dog walking duties. I hadn't planned on brazenly leaving the car ;)

Yes I think the bottlenecks at the Chandler have begun.
It is weird, though, to have your concept of outer-suburban life (as one who used to live outer east) shaken by signs saying 'CITY 18 mins'.

Ann ODyne said...

View from The West: the east freaks me out.
Never go near Stud Rd on a Friday afternoon.

peace and love

Anonymous said...

Same thing happens in Sydney, especially for this erstwhile visitor. The majority of my last trip across town was entirely underground. I too was surprised to see where I'd emerged. Voila. And why they couldn't have put windows in the habour tunnel I'll never know. Interesting just doesn't seem to be on the public works agenda. (Except perhaps when it comes to their financing arrangements.)

(Funny post boyn).



boynton said...

Stud Rd was always scary, even when there was still a Stud.

I think the roadscaping gets more interesting beyond Ringwood, Caroline, so I'll have to go on a street art tour before there's a gallery entry free.

Anonymous said...

Iceland was bulldozed a fair while back.I remember taking kids there once.

Whilst I haven yet driven the new eastlink I can say I have ridden the 70 ks on the bicycle down to Frankston way and back up to Doncaster or where ever on that fateful day when a million melbourne idiots on bikes emerged to wobble all over the road.

boynton said...

Iceland bulldozed?
(and tell reykjavik the news)

Crawling through the tunnel yesterday made me rather wobbly.
Looking forward to riding the bike path.