Monday, July 21, 2008


Like Beau Geste or King Kong or Anna Karenina, the saga of Greg Norman's misadventures when leading a major golf championship with 18 holes left to play has had more rewrites - most of them with the same old endings - than absolutely necessary. source

A party of passengers


BwcaBrownie said...

re The party of passengers: Seaton's changed a bit since then.

re the bloody Shark: I hope he falls off his barstool onto one of Chris Evert's racquet handles.

Anonymous said...

A Golf (html)link?

boynton said...

Seaton SA has gone Royal, for one thing.
(Seaton Vic missed the train on the railways)

re Shark: guess that's not a double-handed backhand compliment, then ;)

A tenuous link, Zeppo.
AK just jumped out at me in that sentence, but I would have been better to seek evidence of King Kong golfing.

nb: I could almost have a blog label for 'Golf', which is curious given that I've never played it.

(mistakes edited by missboynton)

genevieve said...

I must send you a link to an excellent railway incident in Ringwood at what looks like the Wantirna Road bridge, circa 1890 or so (that is, post-Lilydale line).
It's straight out of Thomas, "all the passengers were saying what a bad railway it was", etc.

genevieve said...

Heh, I haz him:

I love the guys in the right hand corner, just looking on.

boynton said...

Yes, that non-rubber-neck nonchalance is great
Though the casual pose conversely suggests solemnity too.
'I was there'

I also like the first pic too, looks like a Hitchcockian model.

oh - and the cricked team.
A wicked team?