Tuesday, March 27, 2007

misc links

Some blogs (and how I got there):

One + One = thr33
Design, media, clulture and more
(via Troppo's Missing Link)

RetroLife - Mid-Twentieth Century Living...Today!
recommended by PK

And Lexicon Harlot
by Alexis (with whom I exchanged very small talk among the ottomans at the recent blog meet)

and two blogs I found while compiling that strange Google Images post:
A poem should be like an eye chart...led to this post from 2003(17/9) at Upsaid/Oolong on U.S. Poet Laureate, Billy Collins
and more recently, Search-Word Poem/(the words that get you here)

and does the amount of bicarb soda...
led to the local 2paw
Two Golden Labradors, books and food I adore, TV & films galore, knitting, craft and a whole lot more......
(I can never resist a Labrador)

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