Friday, March 09, 2007

fido friday


Moomba 1967

everything is worn down to dirt and dust in the parks
and gardens wear their recycled water signs warily
as neighbours who dourly lob buckets from the shower
think about dobbing in those profligate hosers and sprinklers somewhere
and all the elms are heat stressed
and everyone is stressed and losing it in traffic or watching the news
and every second grevillea is starting to die,
and the work is drying up for Jim's mowers and tennis coaches
but in Melbourne nonetheless, there's that shift from heatwave into vintage Moomba weather in March, which is a beautiful balminess.


Tony said...


Anonymous said...

That little rivelut of prosey posey made me quite thirsty.

And whitening my Dunlop Volleys.

Juke said...

People in Australia talk funny.

BwcaBrownie said...

April in Como Park with Golden Delicious apples. 1966. The best autumn.

Tony said...

June in Whim Creek with Emu Export Lager. 1983. The pissed winter.

boynton said...

T: Fritog?

N: How white was my volley?
But yes at Moomba, there's a racket in the air.
Definitely time to book the near pavillions.

Fair crack of the whip, Juke. Yanks can talk.

The golden apples of the sundays...
I tried to find a pic for you, Brownie, but could only manage 1934,
a chopper and a WRAN.

Dry as a dale, T?
Is it Looney Tunes Ties Week?

Tony said...

As W.E.Coyote was prone to demonstrate - there's no defying gravatar.

Splat's all, folks.

peacay said...

At a meetup in Sydville yesterday, none of the 10 people present (which, to be fair, included 2 American travellers and 2 resident Americans) had any idea what the background to Moomba was. I still don't. Perhaps it's better that you have your secrets.

Anonymous said...

moomba is more like not so beautiful barmyness

Anonymous said...

So vivid an impression. It makes your domestic sound exotic over here.

boynton said...

pk: I think moomba has always suffered from an identity crisis, even to Melburnians.
I'm going to pinch the word to mean that kind of Indian Summer balminess - a 5th season.

Moomba has always been barmy too, FX. The dark side of the Moomb.
(Which reminds me, I got a search request for "Francis Xavier Sunglasses" the other day)

Thanks, Dick.
We had our first rain here overnight in WEEKS (if not months) - so the domestic is looking extremely dry.
The exotic trees are struggling.

Actually some lines I meant to add:

(and the Thompson is down to twenty percent.
We're giving up dams for Lent.)

Anonymous said...

Tound here the signs are 'bore water in use'. Which is just so self righteous I feel like going around and defacing them all with spray paint. The hardware shops would sell spray paint to me too because I look middle aged and respectable. But I'd be a hopeless grafitti-ist, because I'd have to write some long explanatory note like 'what about the water table, what do you think your bore is doing to that'. Oh, dear, I think I might be getting a bit too suburban.

boynton said...

I'd love to see some graffiti like that.
Even with the tag: Oh, dear, I think I might be getting a bit too suburban.


Anonymous said...

boynton, you are such a treasure trove! And you've made my day.

Anonymous said...


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