Friday, March 23, 2007

bubbles and bowls

I was recently explaining boynton to an off-line friend.
Oh you know I said, unable to think outside the tag cloud.
His eyes glazed over.

However, googlers make me feel hip as they search for (eg) does the amount of bicarb soda affect the height of bubbles produced when vinegars added and poems on lawn bowls.

So often, better results can be found via Google Images

Which is a not so random roundabout way of linking to Google Blogoscoped: random portraits randomly juxtaposed with random actual search queries

via the presurfer


boynton said...

Both those images were found by a Google Image search - the first re bicarb bubbles, the second on about page 3 of lawn bowls.
Now an hour later, those pages have disappeared, and no documents match.

BwcaBrownie said...

I am away from my computer and have no Bookmarks ... so in order to find my blog I thought I would Google 'Boynton' and follow your link
One result was a Librarians thesis including this para -

"record their innermost and often mundane thoughts such as what they’d like to eat for breakfast or the latest pictures of their pets.
Some have argued that blogging indicates ‘a puerile self-importance that smacks of desperation’ (Healy, 2005),
that it is a‘negative factor’ (Tribble, 2005)
that counts against job seekers, and can be a ‘career-killer’ (Boynton, 2005) for others.

Indeed, there have been a few documented cases of bloggers losing their jobs as a result of indiscreet postings on their blogs.

Anonymous said...

And undocumented cases of bloggers losing their breakfast over some indiscreet postings of their pets.

genevieve said...

I think the Google image search can be way capricious.
That portraits site is a ripper - how do you find such groovy things???

boynton said...

Yes there is a puzzling inconsistency about 'Images'.
Today, now, "Bicarb" is back.
But who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Other people (the dedicated band of link-bloggers) find them - like Presurfer, who's always finding great stuff.