Thursday, December 14, 2006


i was dying in new york city. a whole lifetime ago. now i'm into ultimate frisbee and my dogs. can take or leave the beatles. barely remember that incarnation, to be honest.
The Walsh Files: Let's tell each other where we were when Lennon was murdered.

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Anonymous said...

When the Beatles appeared on my 14 year old radar in 1962, Lennon was The One.
In those prehistoric media days, interviewers asked stupid questions - "what's your favourite colour" etc. The Beatles answers to the stupid question "what music do you like" led white Victorian teenagers to all the classic black american RnB soul music and changed our lives.

For me, Lennon died when Yucko Ono became the Homewrecking Slag, but on the really nasty day I was upstairs on Alexandra Ave 3142 and answered the phone to a dear friend who said "I know You care so much, that I did not want you to hear it on the news that he is murdered".

When I opened up my record shop (Missing Link 239 Flinders Lane) for the day, the first phone call was from a woman who said "have you got any Lennon albums" (she had obviously got the NO word from Brash's [who only stocked music on the current charts] she would have rung first, and they would have said "Missing Link carries back-catalogue) and I replied
"you just want them cos he's dead" and slammed the phone down.
Then her husband called and abused me.
And Yoko has never given Julian Lennon a dime. bloody Japs.

boynton said...

That's a great story about the nasty day, Brownie. Still nasty, ain't it.
(I blogged it last year too*)

but the post that gets me most is the 03 one - Grow old with me The poem still gets to me...

Actually all the anniversary stuff aside, it was the idea of "incarnations" that caught my eye here, and the curious arc from beatles to xtreme frisbees. Wonder what's next?

BwcaBrownie said...

I like this part of the Browning pome:

prize the doubt
Low kinds exist without,
Finished and finite clods, untroubled by a spark."

hmmmm ... Q1. define 'low kinds'
200 words - 20 points.

ah yes 'untroubled by thought' that is a big group Dear Bloggers.

boynton said...

Poor vaunt of life indeed...

Mmm when I say pome, maybe I meant famous first two lions...