Friday, December 29, 2006


The following didn't make the final cut when I posted the initial series of outstanding posts.* But I have been inspired by More Dam Posts at This Public Address, and a thoughtful collection of Posts! at dirty beloved to include them for consideration, though I'm leaning towards most metaphoric to nail it.

Most retiring post

Most dramatic Post's

Most post modern

bluest post
double entendre

Most overlooked post

Saddest/ dead tree post

Post that could make it in the mainstream

Post that generated the most traffic

Best gender equity in the construction of/best Personal Post

gratuitous chicken post

Most poetic post

Most metaphoric post

Best last post


peacay said...

The post Post post delivers!

Anonymous said...

Posta marinara.

Anonymous said...

You've established yourself as a Postmistress, Miss B, but are you yet considered a postgraduate? Or does that take years as a postulant?

Particularly enjoyed the horse in danger of converting the chair into a post-chaise.

While neo- and classical Freudians may interpret your fascination unhealthily, I'm sure you'd be alright with the post-freudians.

Have a HNY, MissB.

boynton said...

(that's a way to try and answer three comments at once...)

I knew I went for overkill but a good way to finish the year. And may co-opt that definitive picture and its caption Performing horse in front of Telegraph Hotel in Manners Street for 07.