Tuesday, December 12, 2006

the beetle

Christmas Beetle...

(Inspired by Laura's post, I wandered up the road to the local lights display)


Anonymous said...

Herbie Claus looks evil in the top photo.

boynton said...

Beetles are herbivores.

lucy tartan said...

Your neighbours scare me.

boynton said...

I love them.
I am a 3 year old when it comes to christmas lights.
(Although the 5 foot dancing-and- singing Santa was a tad creepy, mainly due to the emptiness of the street)
This flat street (a few blocks away) is so much quieter (= better)than the big Boulevard.

Anonymous said...

agree with Tony T, top pic could have been shot from a deleted scene from "Bad Santa"

great title too boynton.

i'm taking the kids out for the xmas lights tour in a couple of nights - they're chattering joyously about the now annual pilgrimage. And I feel pretty good about it too. Hope we turn up something as swish as Christmas Beetle.

boynton said...

hey. vc.

I've seen a few sinister santas over the years. The vdub was a great surprise, wasn't there last year which is an indication that this satellite display is consolidationg.
Ivanhoe is great, but there's more space for quiet contemplation in these lesser lights.

genevieve said...

Clever neighbours. We have some who have the whole shebang, I wish i'd got out to photograph it in full swing. They have turned half of it off now, but they had:
reindeer (2 and 3D)
Blowup snowman
Joseph and Mary on a donkey above the carport
All other sorts of crazy shit including another blowup dome that I never got a good look at.
Damn, I'll go see if I can get a shot tomorrow night.

boynton said...

Joseph and Mary on a donkey above the carport

...wish I'd written that.
Hope you snap it.

Anonymous said...


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