Thursday, July 19, 2007

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The eight random things about myself meme defeated me. I could not find the correct line between chocolate and confessional.
So I used Rob's Amazing Poem Generator to extract 8 random boyntonesque lines for me.


Anonymous said...

What a cop out you wimp. Ok, if you won't provide 8 random things about yourself, I suggest everyone else does.

I'll get the ball rolling. Boynton:
1. knows all the words to John Cage's "4'33";
2. was the second Australian woman to go over Nigara Falls in a barrel (and survive);
3. can bend forks using only the power of her hands;
4. has seen the "questing vole" passing "feather-footed" through "the plashy fen";
5. talks to dogs and doesn't care who is looking;
6. once impersonated the Belgium Ambassador to The Vatican for a bet (she won too!);
7. is allergic to canned anaconda; and
8. is convinced the Apollo moon landings were staged - in a secret NASA facility on Mars.

The truth is out there! And if she won't come up with it, then we'll have to.

boynton said...

OMG - #5 - and the cat is RLY out of the bag now.

Also, M'sieur N, I recall that onceuponatime, Sedge did this via googlism, for me and youse, and which- at that moment in time- produced this:
nabakov is spiderman you keep telling yourself that