Tuesday, July 10, 2007

some notes

When you go to the Standard in Summer, on a beautiful balmy evening, you sit inside.
When you go in Winter, you sit outside, because it's the coldest day since last August, and your breath flags speech like a cartoon bubble.

When getting your hair cut, do not take a book like Marley and Me to read. You will have to keep putting the book in your bag, explaining to the stylists and the wall of mirrors why you're crying in 10 words or less, when really you need a couple of inches.

You get told - You'll love $$$$$$ - by many people, fellow thrifters, for months. So you finally go there at the height of school holidays and it's not only thrift Kmart but Kmart on speed. Walking from the car, you hear the sound of crashing glass from the delivery van. Probably a crate of crockery and probably not given a second thought given the volume of cast-off glassware served up for recycling at the Recycling Factory. Inside, more glass gets broken as tumblers are taken off packed trolleys and squeezed next to flutes and vases. Kids run manic around the racks and racks of slacks and dacks and frocks and coats with cigarette burns on the pocket. It is so loud and vast you have to head to the parkas to take stock amid the excess and cacophony, and then flee into the carpark, free.


Anonymous said...

ha. I'm not going to tell you about the 2 Mont Albert PROPER op shops in the same street.

Juke said...

Ah, Boynton.

boynton said...

It can now be revealed that this op shop was one of your proper ones, FX, on the esatern side of the street. ha.

Funny there's no trace of your comment in the sidebah.

Zoe said...

How upsetting. I went to OpShopMart this afternoon myself, unfortunately. There were so many cars parked there a man was driving up the footpath. I felt this was Not On.

boynton said...

Could drive you up the wall...

Haven't written OpShopMart off entirely. May have to be a bit more judicious in my timing though I think.

Oh an there was a 70's mixmaster there for $44. But even that couldn't distract me.

Anonymous said...

ah the catholic one. One of the ladies there has the same name exactly as my daughter. Yes. First name and surname. 60 years apart.

The other one is proddy.

The difference is reflected in their mise-en-scène

boynton said...

Yes, the catholic one is excellent.
Good furniture and bric.

The proddy one had a script overhaul a few years ago, less cluttered, but still layered.
And like $$$$$$, you can still buy electricals, unlike the big 3.

Last thing I bought there was a blender for $9.

Anonymous said...

mmh a Gender Blender?

boynton said...

I was going to write Stick Blender actually, but thought it might attract some spam recipes.