Friday, June 29, 2007

ybtc 2

Actually, last Friday could have been called Black Cockatoo Friday, as I was lucky enough to encounter another* flock's sortie into suburbia. I watched (in pedestrian awe) a dozen or so glide around the creek, making crows look like sparrows in their wake.

Googling led to this illustrated post.

-which is from the wonderful Ben Cruachan Blog about the flora and fauna of Gippsland, Australia

I loved the recent post: In Praise of Trees

but the most recent posts liveblog the floods.


Ann ODyne said...

Doncha just love wild birds!
Housesitting on Mt.Dandenong recently, I had King Parrots (BIG and orange) fly onto my arms - it was thrilling.
A fun London author and blogger returning to Australia after 25 years away, may now be revising her intent to own some Gippsland.
She could of course take advantage of upcoming real estate bargains and then build a house on pylons.

The floods drew media attention away from the terrifying storms on Mt.Dandenong on 27/6

The SES heroes suggested I evacuate after they had chainsawed away the fallen branches blocking my escape, and as soon as they spoke, 3 trees flattened the neighbouring house.
I now know it is true that
Everything goes WHITE when one expects death in a second.
Safe now, but still nervous, on the Barongarook outside Colac.
Kangas, wallabies and chickens. nice.

boynton said...

I used to like the tea rooms up there featuring parrots outside windows -on the other side of mountain. I think drought has brought the parrots, cockies and ibis into the near suburbs in th elast few years.

Reading the BC blog has made me want to revive my own Gippsland plans, with or without pylons.

The MtD ((and Mount Macedon) storms musta been terrifying indeed. Guess the journey down to Montrose was hairy.