Tuesday, June 12, 2007

e word

A surge in my stats from this search was curious, and suggests a puzzle or quiz in the US that leads to a quick google-squiz? Who knows.
Anyway, its hotness is now mild.

But I thought it deserved a Google-Poem
Here's one compiled from a few throws of "couplets".

what e word denotes a heating coil in a toaster
Compiled 6/12/2007 2:41:45 AM GMT

The wire coils within a toaster have
denotationally denotations denotative

toaster , toaster ovens, hot short
- Take your toaster and take it apart

- File Format: - because
- 652k - - Mayonnaise

requires 60 watts and your coffee
2 toaster 2 toasts 2 tobacco-free

minutes of heating time. The food
Coil is visited by the Serpent God

E v e ry_W e st e rn
athletes may be reported to Popcorn

the toaster did not get red hot due
a word that can ever denote a true

in formulas though I must admit
and I could imagine hearing it

“heater raining cat” toaster
the coolest cuts to hit the street

and 'V' are commonly used to
and now it's but a word used to

the toaster oven simultaneously
coiling coils .. denotationally

toastier toasting toasts toasty
- Table 9: US Army Intelligibility


Anonymous said...

That's really gonna confuse 'em next time they google.

Cast Iron Balcony

Lunar Brogue said...

A reminder of more civilised times: "2 tobacco-free minutes of heating time." (Though I doubt it was every as much as 2.)

And with professional cycling under a doping cloud, it's a welcome yet long overdue development that "athletes may be reported to Popcorn."

boynton said...

- Yes CIB, I tried to avoid typing in the title, hence the gif, but the poem seemed to boldly go there.

I was going to cut the athletic line, LB, but was too attached to the Popcorn. And I'd like to hear Every-Western stretched in a reading.