Friday, May 11, 2007


John Cage performing Water Walk on I've Got A Secret, 1960.
WFMU's Beware of The Blog via Ramage

Water walk
I've Got a Secret


Anonymous said...

When I click on the start button all that happens is the picture darts up into the top right hand corner of the screen & the rest of the page goes blank. How John Cage is that?

boynton said...

Heh, very.
Maybe it's a snapshot for low-fi dial-uppers, all 3 of us.

(The realstart button is found only by following the link.
I watched it on foreign broadband.)

Anonymous said...

I'll see your John Cage and raise you Plan Groucho From Outer Marx.

boynton said...

Alas, looks great but it's more Plan Harpo at my place...