Wednesday, February 14, 2007



(An odd search request today. I guess I should read some articles to get up to speed)


Anonymous said...

Well if I saw a rodin sailing by my first thought would be "Who the hell cast that!? And I hope there's no moore following it."

boynton said...

I see holes in that thought bubble.
What did you use to believe would happen?

Anonymous said...

I believe in love.......Do you?

boynton said...

rodins might fly

a flying rodin conquers all

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for people that have lost their faith in love.

Anonymous said...

Show us your faith then, anonymouth.

Lunar Brogue said...

Just checked out some large format Rodin reproductions. The Kiss is worthy of the day. Maybe also The Eternal Idol, though here it seems romance has been traded up (down?) for eroticism.

genevieve said...

Nabs, I might have known you would be guilty of that rather stylish pun.

Anonymous said...

Why?.... Tony T are you being so rude to me?
Im not putting any body down.
I merely asked a question.
My faith in love..... I have found a man who loves and respects me...I too thought love was lost but not anymore.
It will come Boynton when you least expect it, and when it does...FIREWORKS!!!!!!!!
I feel sorry for you T.T.....Such a dark look on love....I pity whoever loves you.

Lord Sedgwick said...

I did but see a Rodin sailing by, but I will love it 'til I die ... diecast that is.

Anonymous said...

"Such a dark look on love....I pity whoever loves you."

Well as that great Chinese sage Lao Tze (c.604 - c.521 BC) once said "It is unwise to pity in matters of the heart, anyone who who is running a string of high priced Russian call girls into a upmarket French ski resort."

But maybe Tony T can correct me here. Only he truly knows the ways of his heart when in Courchevel.

boynton said...

LB. Great site.
See also flying

Lord Sedge. Ratified.

N. Tres Pithy.