Tuesday, February 06, 2007


It can take a while to get back into the rhythm of blogging.

The Naked Truth: Authors Who Write in the Buff
via As Above

Meanwhile, autosomal dominent compelling helioopthalmic outburst syndrome might bring an idle sneezer googler or two to boynton.


Anonymous said...

Miss B, are you implying that you've overcome your pause in blogging by now writing naked? And are sneezing as a result?

Good to see you back and ambiguous as ever post-blogopause.

boynton said...

Oh dear, no I'm not implying that at all. Am I?

It's more your meta: "odd-spot-lit-link and odd search-request doth make a post" reflection, that's all.

Good to see you back, Zeppo.

L.Medina said...

hey, I sound like a spam comment (but I'm not!). I'll be back, I'm loving your blog. Please feel free in checking any of them out.

Lunar Brogue said...

Glad you're back B. Just checked a couple of erroneously-acronymed ACHOO links and was moved to consider a causal connection between sunlight and soul

boynton said...

"Bless you", L.Medina. Always nice to have spam-sounding comments like that.

Yes LB, gotta love the erroneous fields of google enquiry, and where it can lead. Some of those 'Bless You in other languages' sound onomatopoeic, though I think the Persion (here rendered in squares) looks interesting.

Which reminds me that I get a few hits (page 2) via How to fold a Man's Hankerchief. Squarely I guess.

boynton said...

Err... that's the less erroneous Handkerchief of course.

tigtog said...

I'm not sure I want to know which authors write in the buff: I'm wincing already.

Lunar Brogue said...

But Hankerchief works too. This is the person responsible for all of the man's longings. "Fold" in this context might mean "give in to".

Anonymous said...

A meme: the 5 writers one would most like to contemplate writing in the buff, & the 5 least.

boynton said...

s'ok Tigtog, the linkage is pix free, if that reduces the wince factor.

LB: Or to transcend?
you gotta know when to fold em.

Great idea, Dick.
Hmmmmm...I just saw Sylvia
Maybe Ted Hughes/James Bond...?

Maybe biopics.
Maybe Poets.

BwcaBrownie said...

I think that composing a sentence while nude would definitely have an affect on writing style.
'dick' - one of my lists for you begins with Michael Palin and the other begins with Colleen McColough.

genevieve said...

Definitely Ted. Maybe Scott. Perhaps Paul Auster.
Dick, the second list sounds a bit like those SBS ads on the backs of buses. Not very noice....

boynton said...

I imagine (figuratively speaking) that many Melburnian writers (and bloggers) have been tempted to write in the raw this week.