Thursday, November 23, 2006

a lump

Flo had a lump on her chest removed the day before yesterday, and it’s a mass.
The rest is anyone’s guess.
She’s dumb with the Elizabethan collar, can’t negotiate it like other dogs.
I think it tests her patience, or that her herder peripheral vision makes it harder to lose corners, she knocks her head against the chair and gives up.
The big stitches make her look like a badly patched toy
baring her soft underbelly,
the side we rarely get to see.(Only when she’s scared by thunder
or sizeable phantoms, my anger,
when she drops her ears and defences, or barks arced up at fears)
Compared to the other dogs, in sickness she sits this side of submission.
But in a crisis she will still seek the shelter of a palm.


Meredith Jones said...

Oh Flo, I hope you're ok...

Anonymous said...

Skritches Flo...

Cast iron Balcony

Anonymous said...

Like the pregnant line break after "my anger".

If writing evocative vers libre about sick dogs helps make them get better, then I bet Flo will be up and about and doing stealthy farts in no time.

boynton said...

Thanks Meredith and CIB
No pathology so no (official) prognosis.

...but it's ok.

Cheers, Nabakov. Preg pause caused by cutting a line. Maybe I won't restore it. Have been told that arced up looks dodgy too, (sounds better than it reads ;)

Flo has never been a great offender on the canine beaufort scale, but I suspect that as a no-nonsense Bluey she wouldn't be stealthy about it. She saves her stealth for possum stalking (see wrath/pregnant pause)

BwcaBrownie said...

Dear Flo - a great deal of love and best wishes for your comfort, from me. A get-well-soon posy of Schmackos floats to you on the wwweb.

Link said...

She'll be right. Don't feel sorry for her, I heard that from a vet. Tell her how brave, well, strong, virile etc . . she looks.

barks aksed up? barks arced up? barks arse up? . . . .

Juke said...

Lyric Boynton!

boynton said...

Thanks Brownie.
I like that advice, Link. Shall be trying it.
ver.y libre (free-running), Juke.

genevieve said...

Very nice writing B, have a speedy recovery ole puppy.

boynton said...

Thks, Genevieve.

She hasn't been walked for 2 weeks, so she's going to be Extra Mad when I venture out later.