Monday, November 27, 2006

liner notes

Listening to: The Girl From Ipanema
The Blue Parrots - Having a Wonderful Time
Each man in the popular sextet is a versatile musician who plays at least four instruments*
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(Looking at: The Girl from Ipanema by Gilberto/Getz)


genevieve said...

Someone at that Vinyl Orphanage site is looking for a Cabbage Patch album to play for Christmas. I'm stunned.

boynton said...

It's about right in terms of the nostalgic timeline.

a review here

It's a mix of kiddie, bluegrass, and country music that features Colonel Casey as a narrator and introduces us to "Christmas in the Cabbage Patch". Cue the banjo, the kiddie chorus, and the cutesy-wutesy songs and stories. By track three, I went into epilectic sugar shock. There is good kiddie Christmas music, bad Christmas music, and jaw-droppingly disgusting kiddie Christmas music. This falls below that by a great margin.