Friday, February 29, 2008


I was speaking to x, a neighbour I sometimes see when I walk xxx.
We got yxrning the other day, and she said that she had once lived in xxxxsx,
had lived there for xx years in fact, when she first arrived in Australia.

"I love xxxxsx", I said, "Well xxxxsxxxx in general, really. I'd love to live in xxxxsxxxx one day."
"It was a lovely community" she said, "I still get the xxixxxxxxx paper, so I can keep up to date with things."

Coincidentally, I had just being reading a book on the area, xaxx and xxxexxxx! by xxxsxxx xxxxe, which I mentioned.

"But I’d be reluctant to lend this to you, because the first half is filled with rather xxxxuxxxx language. It’s very ... xxxx "

"Oh I had to get used to that, living in xxxxsx! It’s a very xxoxx community."


Tony said...

Reading that made me xxoxx.

BwcaBrownie said...

I didn't xxoxx, but I was xaxxed by it all.

Anonymous said...

aah so its xmouth?

boynton said...

Groan? Frown?


it's a long way from faaar kxw anyway.

Juke said...

He just stood and glared at them. Chap XX.
A horrible monster glared at them

boynton said...


Love it.

btw - the photo I linked to was nqr. I needed an image that said rough, male-dominated, snowy river speak ... or blue.
I almost went with this chap, (a chap similar to your Chap.)

Anonymous said...

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