Friday, February 08, 2008

al fresco

Welcome to the Australian barbecue, 2008. Not everyone grills in the shadow of an architect-designed mansion, of course, but today's typical barbie barely resembles the simple snags-and-chops affairs of yore...

Sgarbossa, a property developer, has also seen the change. "When clients give me the specifications, they now include the barbecue," he says. "They think nothing of spending 50 grand on an al fresco dining area. That wouldn't have happened a few years ago. A barbecue was something you just put on the veranda."

Toffs 'n' tongs. The Age
I'll take the yore, thanks.



genevieve said...

Oh, I love middle yore. A very fine aspect.

Juke said...

But what to have?

Link said...

Sgarbossa? Cripes.

Anonymous said...

BBQ smoke produces haze & daze of yore.

BwcaBrownie said...

oh Boyny Boyny Boyny -

over at BlogShares I have lost my stake in you:
"Press release
boynton was the subject of much speculation when analysts at several firms were heard to be very positive about its recent performance. Its share price rose from B$5,237.38 to B$8,065.57. Much of the hype was said to originate from Peach Flambee whose Stawell Gift (artefact) was said to be involved.

Corporation Message:
Your 60 shares in boynton were sold at B$1,173.60 ea. (3 x B$391.20 - the current price) because Peach Flambee performed a hostile takeover using a W-Class Tram (artefact).Your account has been credited a total of
B$70,415.96 for this transaction which brings it to B$8,201,812.76.

boynton said...

Genevieve - the others in the series are even finer. I might post them.

Juke, lured by the Steward,
to be grilled and skewered?

C: Bossa nova?

Z: Yes, nostalgic smoke gets in the eyes.

Bwca. I don't understand Blogshares.
The only thing I kinda get on that page is STATUS
The mornin' sun is shinin' like a red rubber ball .
(I was watching The Seekers sing that on DVD just the other day.)

Anonymous said...

It could not be Roger B - at the time she was dating a reckless cad and driving a wreckless red M.G.- alas he done her wrong.

boynton said...

Did she? Who knew.

I always wanted to date a man who drove a red MG.
I remember when you did, Elsa.
Well OK, it was green. Close.

Anonymous said...

I never did... that was Paula! You met him as they visited us while on a sunday jaunt.. surely you remember......

boynton said...


BL. When you were @ 17. Remember?

A Sunday Jaunt in a Green MG (to the Dandenongs) would be just the thing.

Anonymous said...

He drove an old white thing - nothing as classy as am MG.

Ahh a dev or picnic in the 'nongs would be sheer bliss.
The video was very satisfying.