Friday, November 16, 2007

up there

My sister acquired a pianola recently. Of all the rolls I could choose to play, from the old June Balloon Moonlight Foxtrots, all the thirties ballads I love, all the forties songs I know by heart, at that moment I had to choose Up There Cazaly.

And maybe youtube is the pianola of the neo-noughties, but when I saw Up There Cazaly was up there, I had to play it 10 times. I love this clip.

In 1979 this gesture did not mean this guy's on his mobile. This crowd is a mobile free zone.

And the football was better in 1979 of course, "in those days when going to the football was not like going to the cinema..." Brian Courtis (When footy players have to pause on the field to let the ads run on telly you know they've lost the plot) But also part of my strange nostalgia for this clip may be that I was at the grand final in 78, the one featured in the ad, and I'm watching my past zoom in and out with the balloons in the aerial shots of the MCG where I stood in the standing room section with my brother and sister and their friends and my first crush.

But I also love the blend of words and images, the unpretentious verite of the crowd, the heritage stanza of champions in slow black-and-white, the rise and fall of the music matching the choreography of marking, that by Billy Picken becomes quite beautiful.

".....Cazaly" can still make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up even after all these years. To say that it is outdated or old fashioned is missing the point. Football is about memories of winters past and ".....Cazaly" will always be a part of that for me, regardless of what some soulless bureaucrat might say. Posted by: Buck Buckaw of the real world 7:59am October 02, 2007 Readers' comments: Cazaly may be benched


Tony said...

For the record, Budget in WA, this guy's looking at his Record.

Anonymous said...

Could you introduce me to your sister? Or would it be too obvious that I'm only interested in her Rolls?

boynton said...

Is this thing recording?

Pedal-powered, Zeppo.

Anonymous said...

But at least one doesn't have to worry about the keys!

Anonymous said...

I do think the first crush and the Grand Final is a pretty irresistible combo in the search for lost time.
Cazaly is a great number, introducing the orchestra to a new instrument, the Aussie Rules crowd, as it does.

Nabakov said...

I have no interest in football whatsoever but I have to admit that:
a) it's a well written and performed song. Not as easy as it sounds to keep changing tempo yet keep the momentum going;
b) the sheer exuberant larrikin athleticism of the players is most engaging;
c) as is at 1.57, the short-arsed runner/ump? deftly biffing one of the players for a change; and
d) in retrospect some of those 70s hairstyles don't look any less ridiculous than than the current crop of hair-gelled feral Tintins sported by young bucks now.

boynton said...

yes, I love the (how's the mighty) crowd burst, Genevieve.
and re the b&w memories, alas, he was a Collingwood supporter.

No interest in football?To quote from ben haiku...
is (your northern Have you heard
further disclaimer: I know that this is a tirribly uncool guilty pleasure, given the way the jingle has been employed jingoistically here and there and (twiggy)done to death.
Still love it (c79)though, much to everyone's dismay. (My sister implored me to stop and had to leave the room as I played it)
I have read that Mike B was not a footy head, which probably explains his success at writing a classic in 30 minutes.

The clip really does display your point b).
c) see Saint for more on this moment.
d) definitely. Those feral tintins.
WHAT IS THAT! I blame beckham.
I think footballers were at their best, hair wise, in the Snaggy, shaggy, ratty, matty Oily, greasy, fleecy
Shining, gleaming, streaming...spaghettied
seventies, but that's probably nostalgia too.