Monday, November 05, 2007

know your

via Mefi and via the US (Northeast Film History), I was idly seeking some AU home movie sites, when I finally sampled some offerings at Australian Screen .

Once there though, it was hard to go past Know Your Melbourne c1945


Juke said...

Try getting around Family Antics

genevieve said...

Am yet to look at Juke's but can I just say the Know Your was excellent. Thanks B.

boynton said...

Juke. I tried 3 times. Fabulous.

I always get very sentimental and lostalgic about Melbourne around Cup Day, Genevieve.

genevieve said...

I have just become convinced there is a good reason for the existence of LCD tvs.

They are great for telling an autistic adult with limited language all about important events like Cup Day.
I had a ball watching the Cup this year, telling my son to look at the roses and the horses getting jumpy before the race.

He could even see the winner coming along the back stretch (I think). Much more sensory information on the screen - fabulous.
Now for some proper programming all the rest of the time (Sigh.)

boynton said...

I watched the race and that was it, this year.
Usually I devote all day to absorbing the sensory delights of Cup Day.
Have not even seen a replay of that winning streak. Will have to wait till I can watch it at broadbandland.
But I did notice the roses this year. Beautiful.

Ann ODyne said...

I used to love Cup Day and am proud to say I started the jeering from the fenceline the day John Kerr was drunk; and that my ancestor Richard Lewis brought the first thoroughbred King Alfred into Victoria (he was swum fer chrissakes, from ship to Portland shore by his strapper).
Unfortunately, since seeing the ABCTV series 'The Track', and then reading Tom Wolfe's 'A Man In Full', I find myself only noticing the bad things about racing. The MANY bad things.
It's not about horses it's about money.
The massed pipe bands coming up the straight is always a killer moment on Cup Day though.

boynton said...

Yes I guess I turn a blind eye to the dark side of racing on Cup Day.
And a deaf ear - I was in the TAB when the two horses fell on Cup day, (one fatally) heard them talking about vets and tents... but still placed my bet.

The Caulfield Cup barrier incident was pretty horrible too.
(That's why I backed Eskimo Queen in the Melb cup for a place. From sympathy.)