Thursday, January 26, 2012

wrong basket

For several years Flo has had a penchant for the wrong basket. Like many dogs 'of a certain age' she muddles the scale.

But in the meantime, the dogs in her pack have got even smaller, and the baskets have shrunk accordingly.

It doesn't stop her taking over the terriers' territory though when there is a lack of alternatives.



Link said...

Well that was fortuitous. You're here.

My cat(s) prefer to sleep on saddle blankets or rugs.

Flo looks like she's got quite a comfy nest.

boynton said...

Yes - here.

Your comment is fortuitous, as I can now add that the second photo doesn't quite depict just how small that basket is. She's a medium heeler. The basket belongs to Eddy, another small jack russell cross - between Small and toy size. Smaller than many cats. Somehow Flo has squeezed into it quite comfortably.

Ann ODyne said...

she is absolutely huggable
and lucky to have you as her human.
I LOVE dogs and go to pieces when there are attack reports in the news (I have to quickly avoid getting beyond the heading every time).
Please always have a walking stick with you when you walk her. really.

Does Eddy reciprocate by sleeping in the bigger bed?
I have looked after a Shepherd and a Pug who just slept ON the Shepherd's long coat.
bwah ha WV: tony wc

boynton said...

Yes, a walking stick or tennis racquet seems wise to take when walking mini-dogs.
Likewise, the Pug sounds - and no doubt looked - very wise in that repose.

Eddy (Edwina) seems to be respectful (or disdainful - who knows) of Flo's sleeping spaces. As in 'Curbee'. Only Flo must have 'plush' fabric or nothing, it seems.

Yes bwhah-ha indeed re WV.
I could say 'his toilet humour is a tonyc' (sic) or something, but then it ain't necessarily so ;)

Helen said...

Laughed so much at this I raspberrie'd all over the screen.
Hugs to Flo.
I think you should try a succession of smaller and smaller beds to see just how far Flo can go.

genevieve said...

happy new year, B.!!
Oh the rigors of age. I hope I can curl up when I'm the equivalent.

wv *hoyxisb* Looks like Albanian.
Whoops I got it wrong. Let's have some niction instead...

genevieve said...

That was better.

R.H. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
iODyne said...

jeepers Boynton - do a blogpost and shock everybody.

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