Thursday, September 16, 2010


'horsey' is an attachable bicycle ornament/accessory which makes one's bicycle look horsey!
via the Presurfer

I have previously mused on one's childhood imaginings that would make one's bicycle look horsey, linking it to one's fondness for the TV show, National Velvet.
Which suggests that nothing much changes in blogging, but youtube keeps on giving.
Because now there's more data from one's childhood viewing habits, with part of this particular episode appearing:

One found this episode frightening. As did one's friends.



Anonymous said...

thank you for the bicycle horsey! wouldn't it be a joy riding that to work

WV: "cratign" - sounds like some of the people I work with

R.H. said...

Fashions and technology of just a few decades ago are laughed at today, do you think ours will be laughed at in the future?
I'm thinking of all the mimics I see, latte society.

genevieve said...

I could talk about Velvet for hours, but will content myself with the fond memory of setting up jumps in the front yard c. 1966 with sticks from Mum's drying cabinet and our kiddy sized chairs. We galloped around Holy Grail style and had a wild old time.
(Mother had an electrified drying cabinet the size of a single-door fridge, with racks of removable sticks on which clothes were hung. Must have cost a fortune to run.)

boynton said...

'twould be a joy indeed.
Just today I've placed old bicycle in for a repair. Bike shop guy assumed I was jumping on the Retro horse...


We set up jumps too, in the back garden.
We also had a drying cabinet - but didn't think to plunder that for equestrian requirements.

Vest said...

It's been a long time.

Just taking a decko.

genevieve said...

And singing the music whilst galloping?? did you?

boynton said...


(Older sibs sang Bonanza too apparently.)

That's one reason why that particular theme song is very evocative.

genevieve said...

I can still see it all...the green grass, the white sticks, the children. Aaaaah yesterday, Nell.