Tuesday, May 25, 2010

bat life

... and Ann O'D → Adam West → Batman and Robin

Same bat nostalgia.

Here, Batman is driving around central Victoria:

(the glimpses of Californian landscape that you'd catch on TV shows of the time did look familiar; sun, highway, eucalyptus)


genevieve said...

That is something my children would call very special. Thank you, B.

boynton said...

he still does it for me ;)

Ann ODyne said...

"oh look - gum trees!.

"you mean the yewkalypts?"

oh yes Miss B, Adam West does it for me too and is in my harem of tall dark naughty broody guys with Terence Stamp, Adrien Brody, John R.Waters, Robert Downey Jnr, and of course Russell 'Rockets' Brand (and when I followed your link I was distracted to follow their album of 25 pix of Rusty and Katy - I do wish I could be her for a day or two).

boynton said...

I can't remember when it was exactly that I switched my allegiance from Burt to Adam. But in my Batman jigsaw puzzle days, R used to be the one.

Ann ODyne said...

Holy perver$ion Batgirl! black
eye-masks are so k1nky.

Ann ODyne said...

I'm ba-aa-ck (days later)... just followed a Christopher Hitchens link to Tony Martin's, only to find -

'Burt Ward: Robin from TV’s Batman. As hypercaffeinated as he appeared on the show, Ward described life on the set as a non-stop orgy, and claimed that he and Adam West had once given Yvonne ‘Batgirl’ Craig something called a ‘Bat Sandwich’. I didn’t ask him to elaborate.

boynton said...

boy wonder ILY

Ann ODyne said...

I need a stiff drink to recover from the fulsomeness of that thank you Miz B.
It was such a great show - Tallulah Bankhead was in it. POP! SHAZZAM!